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73 summer tracy 600x600 article

7 Ways to Have a Productive Summer by Tracy Yu | MissHeard Media

Summer is a time to have fun and be relaxed after a year of stress and hard work. But it is also a great time to do all the things you didn’t have time for during the rest of the year...

The Portrayal of Mental Illness in the Media by Tracy Yu | MissHeard Magazine

A majority of the population is exposed to the media and will encounter a portrayal of an individual with a psychological disorder at some point when watching television or movies...

Spring2017 the simple truth figure 5 article

Women's Issues: Workplace Inequality by Tracy Yu | MissHeard Magazine

Women face a multitude of challenges and issues every day simply because they are women...

Womensmarch dsc 3711 article

The Fight for Women's Rights by Tracy Yu | MissHeard Magazine

There has been a long and seemingly never-ending struggle for women’s rights...

Mlk jr article

The Importance of Speaking Up by Tracy Yu | MissHeard Magazine

All throughout history, there have been many examples of activists who have spoken out against social injustices and fought for their rights...

Using Technology to Manage Your Goals by Tracy Yu | MissHeard Magazine

In January, you probably made new resolutions made in an effort to improve your quality of life...